Clos saint-Vincent

Clos saint-Vincent was established more than 50 years ago, in 1993 it has been taken over by the Sicardi and Sergi families. The annual production is about 30000 bottles, which are all matured and bottled at the 10 ha wide winery. The winery focuses on the production of high-quality grapes, originating from a rigorous environment friendly agriculture. The farming process follows the biodynamic growing method, following the lunar calendar, using no chemical products but plantbased fertilizer only.
Clos saint-Vincent is quite unique: it is the only winery whose vineyards are planted on the three different hills of the appellation (Crémat, saint-Roman-de-Bellet et Saquier). It benefits from the double influence of the sea breeze and the cool wind of the Pre-Alps. Its terroir is unique. It is composed of Poudingue and sand-lime sand with rolled pebbles from the Pliocene.

Caves “Le Clos saint-Vincent”
Collet des Fourniers, Saint-Roman de Bellet 06200 Nice
Tél : +33 492151269

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Clos saint-Vincent
Three-hill wine